Located in the rolling hills
Green Valley Growers began in 1986 as a vision of Peter Cerda and Jerry Bolduan. After Mr. Cerda's death in 1990, plants and projects were expanded even further. Located in the rolling hills of the wine country in Sonoma County, the farm and workshops are not open to the public. Cut materials are easily obtained through our location at the San Francisco Flower Market, as well as directly to your home or business via overnight Fedex.

Since all trees, flowers, and shrubs are grown outdoors, our season is usually from approximately Valentine's Day to Christmas (mid December). Known for the most extensive collection of hydrangea in the world, many other plants are grown here as exemplified by our product list. All products are dependent on seasonal availability and a final order made approximately two (2) weeks before needed, is advised.

We are not a massive farm. Instead, we are more of a boutique operation providing the highest quality cut materials to our clients/customers all over the US. Although we provide hydrangeas to match color swatches (if so desired) please realize that colors are dependant upon weather and temperature.
Wholesale Pricing
Wholesale pricing requires a minimum order of $200.00. A retail order outside of California, requires a $50.00 minimum. Shipping and handling will be added to these amounts.

We have been fortunate that our customers remain happy with our quality of products and service, so much so that we have a 100% "repeat" in orders from our customers.
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